Privacy Policy and Authorization Clauses

Daily Loan respects your right to privacy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before accessing or using the Service. This policy summarizes what personal information we may collect, how we may use this information, and other important topics related to the privacy and protection of your data.Only collect your personal information for certain legitimate purposes and upload it to in a secure and encrypted manner. We focus on protecting privacy and will not disclose information to third parties.This policy also applies to personal information that Daily Loan may collect:

1.Contacts List collection instructions:Contact lists are used for credit checking only and will not be shared with any third-party organizations without your permission. We will scan and upload the contact list using the most secure data transfer protocol with data encryption. You can choose to agree or decline, but if you decline, we will not be able to serve you the loan; without contact list information, we will not be able to assess your risk and credit. (If you mind uploading your address book, be sure to reject this agreement. By agreeing to this agreement, you allow Daily Loan to upload your address book.)

2.SMS message upload: Daily Loan needs to collect and transmit your SMS information, and upload your SMS information to through your device. The purpose of collecting your SMS information is to ensure that you have no overdue loan records, help you get rid of suspicious fraud, understand your income and expenditure, and conduct risk assessment and review on you. Generate credit report;

You can choose to agree or decline, but after decline, we will not be able to provide you with loan services; if there is no SMS information, we will not be able to assess your risk and credit.

3.Installed applications: We will collect your installed application list to obtain your application name, application version number, application installation time, and upload it to in a secure and encrypted manner. These data will be used to identify fraudulent users and prevent users from maliciously making loans. The data will be strictly encrypted and will not be leaked to any third party.

4.Device information: IP information, Wi-Fi address, MAC address, Android version, Internet data disclosure, IMEI, IMSI, Android ID, etc. The goal is to identify the device when no user logs in with another device, when the user does what we can identify, and require the user to reach the ID identification stage and protect the user account. Call log information obtained to avoid and prevent users, etc.

5.CAMERA:The purpose of using the camera permission is to identify information and complete the entry of identity information; we will obtain image information to analyze whether there is fraudulent behavior of customers, and only obtain information about the number of images, not the photos themselves. Be sure to reject this agreement if the client cannot accept it.

6.LOCATION: Authorize us to gain access to your location information ;

The above information is only used for risk control review when users borrow money. After the review is passed, we will delete this information, and we promise that we will not provide user privacy data to any third party.

Article 1

Users Registered agree that the Platform Daily Loan can check information about users ( including but not limited to the information identifying private users , and so on ), which is collected by users Registered or platform Daily Loan own or through a third party that works together , the results of the verification are obtained should be viewed , used and stored in accordance with the Treaty 's and the documents are relevant . Information that is taken including but not limited to the information location whereabouts , information contacts and information other that contained in the device phone genggam.Informasi mentioned above used the Daily Loan to avoid any fraud or acts of crime more .

Article 2

Users Registered agree that platform Daily Loan rely on the system controlling the risk of data developed itself to monitoring the risks and record all types of process of business registration of users registered , login, recovery word password , authentication is the name of the original and binding of cards of banks through the analysis of a number of big data and the behavior of the user , identifying risk , protecting user accounts , financial security , for account and transaction security risks and through the Daily Loan review process , including but not limited to Registered Users to provide online banking, ID cards, bank cards , photo bank cards ( if needed ), then the Daily Loan platform will show users via video.

Article 3

The Daily Loan platform uses data collection tools such as cookies on certain web pages . A cookie is a file small which is located on the hard drive users to help platform Daily Loan to provide service that is tailored to the needs of users registered . The Daily Loan platform also provides features that are only available through the use of Cookies.

Article 4

If User Registered convey information communication personal ( such as e-mail or letter ) to Platform Daily Loan or if User Registered or third party other sent to the web site is , the activity of users registered on the platform Daily Loan or problems of communication may be collected by a user registered on the file special .

Article 5

Users who registered agree that the Platform Daily Loan can use the data private users Registered ( including namuntidak limited to the information that is held by the platform Daily Loan on file users Registered and information about the platform Daily Loan of users registered when this and the last in the Platform Daily Loan ) to resolve the dispute , mediate disputes , ensure safe transactions on the Daily Loan platform , and apply the rules for the Daily Loan platform . Platform Daily Loan sometimes investigate several Users Registered to identify or resolve disputes , especially the platform Daily Loan be reviewing the data user who is registered to differentiate Users Registered who use multiple names users or aliases are listed . Platform Daily Loan protected from the activities of criminal false or illegal other in Platform Daily Loan , and users registered agree that the Platform Daily Loan can evaluate the data private users who registered through the process of manually or automatically .

Article 6

Users Registered agree that the Platform Daily Loan can use the data private users who registered to increase the sale and promotion platform Daily Loan , analyze the use of Platform Daily Loan , improve the content of the Platform Daily Loan , and enable Platform Daily Loan in content web sites, design and service is more close to the needs of users registered . Device additional this can improve page web platform Daily Loan and customize the page web platform Daily Loan to be more in tune with users registered so that users Terdaftarbisa more smoothly , more effective , more secure and more precisely with the service platform Daily Loan in doing the experience of transactions .

Article 7

Users Registered agree to use the information of users registered to contact users Registered and, in some cases , to provide users Registered with the information that is given to the interests of users registered , for example , banner ads are targeted , a notice of administrative , and bulletins about the users registered to use the platform Daily Loan . Users Registered who accept the agreement is regarded as users Registered who agreed to receive the material this .

Article 8

Platform Daily Loan protect , use or disclose information personal which is collected by the platform Daily Loan and collected by users Registered in accordance with the Treaty 's and the regulations that are relevant . Platform Daily Loan will use the practice standards industry to protect information personal users who registered , but because of the limitations of technical , Platform Daily Loan not ensure that all communication of personal and information personally other than Users Registered tidakakan expressed through channels which are not covered by the agreement this .

Article 9

Daily Loan obliged to provide the data private users registered to the institution of justice and department of government in accordance with the requirements of the law that applies . Daily Loan has the right , at its sole discretion , or if a registered user fails to fulfill its obligations based on other legal texts such as a service agreement with Daily Loan or an agreement with other Daily Loan Registered Users . Requests from users Registered other than transactions that reveal information personal and information Users Registered and give comment . Daily Loan reserves the right to edit the list of black information private and the information that is given by Users Registered Daily Loan as well as collect and to disclose information to the third- register black if the user is registered in violation of the rules Daily Loan . Daily Loan entitled to share the information private and information Users Registered who was sent by the User registered or registered by Daily Loan with the third- anywhere .

Article 10

During the activities of the transaction were provided by Platform Daily Loan , Users Registered was not entitled to ask Platform Daily Loan to provide the data personally Users Registered others . If User Registered obtain information private from users Registered others to sign the agreement or how others , users who registered agrees to keep the information in the above , except if the information that was asked by the court or department of government that is in accordance with the laws that apply .

Article 11

Users Registered be consciously allow Platform Daily Loan using a list of books phones that are provided by users Registered to meet the requirements of the inspection risk .

Article 12

Users Registered agree and allow Platform Daily Loan to access and use the information locations are listed in the user Registered as are required in a limited and protected in accordance with the agreement in agreement privacy that has been created Platform Daily Loan and approved by users Registered be conscious .